Photo: Performance Studies

University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm

Artistic development demands the ability to constructively question established methods. New Performative Practices give rise to art that challenges the commonplace. The Master Programme is a road to deepened and expanded knowledge. Physical, live-performance practices are studied for the development of new relationships to audience, new perceptions of the performer’s role in society and a critical, ethically viable relationship to the continuous unfolding of live performance. The individual artists development of a personally sustainable practice is placed in dynamic relation to society’s demands, understanding and respect for artistic practice. The programme adds to the development of ideas about the business and market aspects of art. What is produced? For whom? How is it done? Why? NPP participants look for new perspectives and trajectories in performance practices; craft is put into dialogue with innovation, artistic practices dialogue with business practices, and creativity dialogues with knowledge. Documentation is an essential part of the course, as is the relation between theory and practice, and the support to bring a project to completion. To guarantee a top-level education, the programme cooperates with other seats of learning and artistic fora, nationally and internationally.

University of Exeter

Our MA Theatre Practice is an exciting and diverse research programme where you have the opportunity to choose from a range of optional modules or follow specialist practically-based pathway in Staging Shakespeare. The MA in Theatre Practice is ideal for anyone wishing to further their practical and theoretical knowledge along with advanced research skills. Whether you seek to develop an area of theatre that you have enjoyed in your previous degree, or to tackle new horizons you have not yet had the opportunity to study, you will be able to tailor the programme to meet your own preferences. Modules and supervision are available from a wide range of specialisms and we will individually discuss and plan the most appropriate syllabus with you within the overall structure of our MA programme.